Root Canals

Do you have an unusual pain in a tooth or even in several teeth? Maybe you feel it when you have a hot or cold food or drink. You might even have pain or discomfort all the time.

Come to East Valley Dental Care to treat any ongoing tooth pain. You might have a tooth infection, which we can clean out. Treatment could save your tooth!

Many patients get nervous when they hear the term “root canal,” but it really just means getting rid of a harmful infection. A bacterial infection is what is really scary, not the root canal. We can get rid of the infection to prevent it from spreading or causing you to lose a tooth.

We promise a root canal doesn’t cause unusual pain. We numb the area and get it done comfortably, quickly, and professionally. Dr. Thompson performs root canals all the time, and they are a very simple procedure for the team here at East Valley Dental Care.

What Is a Root Canal?

We often say “root canal” to mean the procedure, but an actual root canal is a space inside a tooth. It contains nerves and sensitive tissue, which hurt when they’re infected and damaged by bacteria.

An infection in the root canal can lead to swelling, bone deterioration, and even the loss of a tooth. Let us get you in for an appointment right away!

A root canal treatment takes a few steps:

  • We examine your teeth with digital x-rays to find the cause of the pain.
  • We give you anesthetic and even sedation to make you comfortable and relaxed.
  • We clean the bacteria out of the root canal area.
  • We fill in the area with new material.
  • We seal the tooth against re-infection.
  • We cap the tooth with a dental crown to allow you to chew normally and to make your tooth look natural and beautiful.

After the procedure, you can enjoy restored oral health as well as the reassurance that your tooth will not bother you anymore!

Call to Relieve Your Discomfort or Pain

Our top goals are to make you comfortable and healthy. During a root canal procedure, we’ll make it painless through anesthetic and expert techniques. If you’re enduring tooth pain and need this dental procedure, call us today for the relief you deserve!

We’re excited to restore your smile and your health. Imagine being able to eat normally again—without pain! Call East Valley Dental Care today to find lasting relief.