Dentures / Partial Dentures

When teeth are missing, the simplest daily tasks become difficult. From chewing, to speaking, to smiling, you may find that your life is not as carefree as it used to be.

If you have lost the majority of your natural teeth, complete dentures may be the right choice for you. Complete dentures replace a full set of upper or lower teeth and can recover your beautiful smile. Partial dentures are also an option at East Valley Dental Care and Scottsdale Dental Care, if you still have some healthy teeth remaining in the mouth.

Dr. Ron Thompson has helped hundreds of patients regain functional and full smiles. He can help you decide which type of denture is right for you.

Conventional Dentures | Conventional dentures are made to replace a full arch of missing teeth once the gums have healed. This type of denture is best for those who want to replace old or uncomfortable dentures, or for patients who are willing to wait for 6-8 weeks following tooth removal. We will work side-by-side with you until you are pleased with the way your dentures look and feel.

Immediate Dentures | An immediate denture is a quick replacement option. We will manufacture the denture based on an impression of your mouth before we remove the damaged teeth. In the same appointment we remove the teeth, we can place the immediate dentures so that you don’t have to go a day without teeth. You can revisit us so that we can adjust the dentures to guarantee your satisfaction with them.

Implant Supported Dentures | Dental implants are titanium rods that serve as replacements for tooth roots. The rods are surgically placed into the jawbone to improve the support and stability of the new denture. The denture is connected to the dental implants and will never slip or slide out of place.

Caring For Your Dentures

You can expect that dentures will take a short period of time to get used to. You may need to practice speaking and chewing with your new dentures, but before long, your abilities and comfort will reach new heights.

Once you have dentures, you should diligently care for your teeth and dentures.

  • Clean the tongue and gums daily with a soft brush or washcloth
  • Visit your dentist twice yearly for an exam and adjustment
  • Remove plaque from your dentures daily with a toothbrush or denture cleaner
  • Do not wear dentures while sleeping
  • Do not allow the denture to dry out or overheat
  • Handle your dentures with care, as they may break if dropped

If you’re interested in dentures, Dr. Thompson will be here with you through every step of the process. We would be happy to give you a full and complete smile at East Valley Dental Care or Scottsdale Dental Care. Call today!