Dental Implants

Are you missing a tooth or several teeth? We know how that can frustrate even the most optimistic person. The empty socket can look bad, can get contaminated, and can make eating difficult.

You can get a completely new, custom-made tooth to perfectly replace the missing one. A dental implant is a type of metal tooth root that becomes a part of your jaw. It’s amazingly stable. It can provide the base for your new tooth crown, which can work and look just like a natural tooth.

At East Valley Dental Care, we’re proud of the 95% success rate that dental implant procedures boast. Dr. Ron Thompson place both the dental implant (the tooth root) and the restoration, which is the new tooth crown attached to it.

We bring experienced implant professionals to our office for these services. We’ll make you very comfortable here and keep you well-informed about these services.

The Importance of Restoring Your Tooth Right Away

A missing tooth is more than an inconvenience. It does, of course, change your appearance. Each tooth is also surrounded by supporting bone in the jaw. Unfortunately, that bone starts to disappear when the tooth is gone. Your jawbone gets weaker because of missing teeth!

When we put in a dental implant, it actually stimulates the jawbone to grow around it. That makes your jawbone stronger again.

A missing tooth can also cause these other problems:

  • Your face can change shape around the gap.
  • You can develop bite irregularities that cause teeth to get worn down or create jaw pain.
  • Your other teeth could shift toward the gap, moving when they’re not supposed to.

Prevent these problems by scheduling a consultation with us at East Valley Dental Care today.

What to Expect from Dental Implant Services

Implant services take several months. After your implant doctor places the metal tooth root into your jaw, you’ll be sent home to allow the bone to heal.

Once the implant has become a permanent, stable part of your jaw, we’ll attach a connector, or abutment, to it. Finally, we can put a dental crown on that, which will look and work like a natural tooth.

Dental implants can also support other dental appliances, such as dentures and bridges, that can replace several teeth at once.

Imagine Having Your Tooth or Teeth Back!

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, schedule a consultation with East Valley Dental Care today. If implants are right for you, they can:

  • Help you chew again.
  • Protect your jawbones and oral tissues.
  • Protect surrounding teeth.
  • Restore your unique smile.

Imagine being able to chew, talk, and smile normally again! Contact us right away to explore this exciting restoration option.