CEREC & Procera Crowns

Do you have any teeth that are broken or damaged? That can be stressful! You might wonder if it will get worse at any moment.

Let East Valley Dental Care fix the problem and protect your tooth from further damage. With a new dental covering called a crown, your tooth will look and work just like new.

Our ceramic and porcelain crowns only take one visit to create and place! Using our advanced CEREC and Procera systems, you can get your tooth or teeth restored amazingly quickly.

CEREC Crowns In A Day

Dental crowns have come a long way. Dentists used to ask patients to bite into a messy material to take impressions. Then it could take weeks to get the crowns back from a lab.

We no longer need messy impressions. Now we use computer software to design crowns in our office. Then our CEREC machine mills the new crowns while you’re still in your exam chair. Lastly your dentist will place your crowns and bond them to your teeth.

Our patients love CEREC because it gives you:

  • Quick Results: Within an hour and a half, you’ll have your smile restored. No follow-up appointment is usually needed.
  • Beautiful Aesthetics: High-quality porcelain will match your other teeth closely for a natural look.
  • Pain Relief: If you have a damaged tooth, it only takes one appointment to restore it and relieve your pain and stress.
  • Comfort: Our CEREC technology means that you do not have to suffer through temporary crowns or messy impressions.

Having your crown in a day means that you can have a unique crown, convenience, and comfort along with a healthier mouth!

Procera Layered Crowns

Procera crowns are made with two layers of ceramic. Because Procera crowns use no metal, they look extremely lifelike and aesthetically pleasing.

In your first appointment, you’ll scan your tooth and prepare it for a crown. Then your crown will be created—sometimes in just a week. Then we’ll place your crown in an easy final appointment. Your crown will be:

  • Strong.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Just the right color.

These crowns are an excellent way to restore both health and beauty to your smile!

Contact East Valley Dental Care for Convenient Crown Treatment

If you have a tooth that is damaged or broken, we can place a new crown on it quickly. A crown can restore its function and prevent more damage.

Call us today! We’ll help you choose the type of crown that will give you the results you want.